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Once it happened that one afternoon there was no one at home except me and my older sister.

I was around 6 or 7 years old, and she was a teenager. I was playing with some worms in our garden, and she was studying in her room.

I remember I had created or discovered something super fascinating. With excitement I ran to show it to my sister. I thought she would be amazed and encourage me. I opened the door to her room and she screammmmmmmed at me. She screamed so loudly and with so much hate. It shook me…

“I have reborn so many times I can be my own doula”

Sometimes, to grow

you must execute yourself

to rise again

from your ashes

as a better you.

This is rebirthing.

How did it happen to me?

I was climbing up a mountain for a few years. I took down massive battles in my course. I held my ground and kept climbing. My climb was swift at times and strenuous other times. I kept climbing.

Until I reached the highest height of the mountain. I could see the horizon. I want to be beyond the horizon. It was beautiful and painful. I knew I had to rise higher. …


Truth leads change and vulnerability is power

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